COVID-19 Compliance

UPDATE 22nd Sept:

Following on from yesterday’s Government update, we have been speaking with our Risk Assessment providers and would like to update you on how these new restrictions affect operations at Dexterity.

From the beginning of the original lockdown process we have used a Risk Assessment provider that has given us the highest level of care so the new changes issued yesterday are not vastly different to those already in place but there are some very important changes that we will now be implementing.

Estha has created a document detailing these changes in law.   We have put this document into the Members’ Area so please take the time to read this fully as the new restrictions will impact on Dexterity classes from tomorrow.

We would also like to use this opportunity to let you know of additional planning going on behind the scenes at Dexterity:

Contingency Plans for any Future Lockdowns

Whilst we hope that another lockdown will not be necessary, we are making plans that could be put into place quickly should we need to do so.  In the event of an additional lockdown situation, Dexterity will not close, rather we will continue to provide classes online.  We know that Zoom isn’t loved by all and to this end will be aiming to enthuse students with new content and new ideas to avoid the doom of Zoom!  We are currently working with our teachers to provide more exciting Zoom classes with additional content.  With over 20 years experience in teaching within Schools, Estha has a wealth of theory and educational resources that will be used to create exciting and innovative work.  Should we need to revert back to Zoom classes for a time we would love for parents to get involved with this too (don’t worry, not by dancing, rather by helping your child to get the most out of the classes).

Virtual Christmas Show

Usually, at this time of year we would start preparation for our Technical Demonstration Show.  We will unfortunately not be able to run this event this year but are determined to continue to provide our students with the chance to perform and celebrate their hard work.

We are therefore starting preparations for a Virtual, recorded Show.  We’re lucky to have a fab Technical Team already available, Xandy is by profession a Cameraman, Emma a Stage Manager, Jamie has some fantastic editing skills and Estha of course is very experienced in creating incredible Shows.  More information on these plans will be released in due course.

Thank you in advance for your continued support and for taking the time to read this update.

We have taken several measures to comply with government guidance on preventing the spread of COVID-19. We now have a Risk Assessment that details all the areas where we have implemented the new measures. These include:
Staying COVID-19 Secure

  • Our new cleaning system includes sterilising all studios before and after every lesson using our new fogging machine.
  • Changed entrances and exits to studios to reduce traffic.
  • New hand sanitisation stations.
  • Each student now has a 2m x 2m personal dance space.

Students, parents and staff can read more about these measures in the new Members’ Area.

Our Compliance Certificate says we are now COVID-19 Secure and are ready to open for business.

If you would like to try a dance class with a view to becoming a Member of Dexterity, please email us here: