About Dexterity

Our vision is for Dexterity to be a special place that our dancers can call home; where their dedication is rewarded, and their talent is nurtured. We welcome all age groups and aspirations – from those who want to dance just for fun to those who are seeking to go on to professional training. With a mix of styles and disciplines including Contemporary, Jazz, Ballet, Street, Acrobatics and Rhythmic Gymnastics, Dexterity provides a platform to enjoy dance, providing term time classes for all ages and abilities.

For boys and girls, Dexterity gives youngsters an opportunity to empower their body, minds and spirits. The Dexterity family is a very supportive network of young children, teenagers and adults, promoting a healthy lifestyle. Of course many dancers do not become professionals on the stage, but the work they put in and the experience they get from it means that they become confident adults who can show high levels of personal discipline and are able to inspire, lead, work as a team and use their initiative in whatever they choose to do.