Jock Hopson Sensei at Musokan Dojo

Martial Arts expert Jock Hopson trains with Musokan

Students of local Martial Arts school Musokan, based in Great Houghton, recently joined two other local clubs (Kenmukan, Wolverton and Jinmukan, Wooton) for the opportunity to meet and train with Jock Hopson Sensei (Teacher), 7th-Dan master in the Japanese sword-based martial arts of Jodo, Iaido and Kendo. He is the only person in the UK to have achieved this status in all 3 arts and one of the only two in Europe.

Mr Hopson, who was born in Northampton, is a former Technical Director of the British Kendo Association, studied extensively in top Japanese Martial arts schools and was pivotal in introducing Jodo and Iaido to the UK over 40 years ago.

The head of Musokan Dojo (school), Xandy Sahla, attended with his students. “It was a unique opportunity for us to meet Jock Hopson Sensei. As one of the top Sensei in Europe for these disciplines, for our schools to train with him was an unforgettable experience.”

The sword-based martial arts have seen rapid growth in the UK and Europe in recent years. Jodo involves opponents using a short staff against a wooden sword, learning a complex series of attacks and defensive moves. Iaido uses traditional Japanese swords and focuses on the art of drawing, striking and replacing the sword in a series of fluid movements.

Following on from the success of the first training event, Xandy Sahla is keen to repeat the experience at his Dojo. “We now hope to make this a regular get-together, Kenmukan kindly hosted the first of these and Musokan is very pleased to host the second on the 28th of March.”